Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Fashion Item: When Are You Too Old To Wear Mini Skirt?

I just want to be myself with the confidence of who inspires me.

As I approach my 30s sometimes I still find myself feeling insecure about how I look in certain clothes. This is especially the case when it comes to miniskirts. I find myself looking at single girls in their late teens and early 20s rocking the next to nothing miniskirt.

I have always been careful at covering my legs. Well, I remember wearing long dresses with side slits. But there was a woman at the church I went to who was against such clothing. One day she covered my legs with her coat. Oh, I didn't like her at all. When I told my mother she commented "Next time tell her to cover up her own daughter."

But years later, after I got married, one of my brothers pointed out: "That girl reminds me of you."
"Who?" The girl he was talking about was not as fashionable as I am, but he explained "You are always covering yourself up. Wearing long skirts, and trousers. Why don't you wear some nice skirts."
That was harsh coming from him. I loved my jeans, trousers and long skirts.

After I got married I thought people will look at me strange if I go about in mini skirts. Obviously I didn't tell my brother that. However after those comments, I bought some skirts but nothing over my knees. Then one day a male work colleague who talks, a little too much, told me "You look better in skirt and not trourses." Wasn't sure how to take that, but i took it.

I know this for sure, my butt tends to look too big in certain trousers but they are so comfortable. I know that in my early twenties I dressed like an old lady (I hang my head in shame). What I thought was vintage style was really bad taste fashion girl. I guess I was following the wrong fashion bible!

I was so happy to see Gwyneth Paltrow, once a shy young woman, on a premier red carpert in this killer mini dress. I must confess the first thought that popped into my head was "What is she going to do if she needs to pick up something from the floor?" But duh, she is a celebrity for some reason, innit!

Seeing Gwyneth in her mini, now thirtysomething married woman...opened my eyes. She inspired me to work on toning my legs. Then Mel B inspired me to work on toning my tummy. I then went to buy few new items. But this time I bought dresses over my knees and skirt sitting on my mid-thighs.

I like the way I look in them and I am not scared to show a little bit of flesh. However, I still question when will I be too old to wear mini skirt?

Ladies, c'mon confess, have you had any moments when you said, "I am not too old to wear that mini skirt?"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Choices: Paper or Electronic?

Ladies, summer is here! Many of you are planning family, girlfriend, husband/children free vacations! You love relaxing in the cabanas at the beach, enjoying the sun and breeze of the tropics! Some of you may like to sleep all day under the sun (just wear your sunscreen), others may like to read. Hence comes that proverbial question of "how do you like your reading?". Nowadays we have choices ladies.

To paper book read or electronic-read?

Personally, i love the feel and smell of paper books. Turning the pages and physically displaying the book afterwards on my bookshelf. Love it! Although i may be killing a tree (i recycle) in my reading process, if i loose the paper book, i won't be going crazy out of my mind trying to find it, because honestly it was under $15.00! Furthermore, i don't have to power up my book!

How do you like your reading? Paper or Electronic? This is becoming a very difficult summer choice! Therefore, confess ladies, this summer, which choice have you made? Which side are you on and why?
(if you haven't made a choice...choose today!)
ipad reader

Monday, June 20, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: Wishes Do Come True

One day at a family dinner one of my uncles made a speech in which he asked "What would you buy if you ever won the lottery?" I had my list under my belt, but some of our family members didn't know what they would buy if they ever won the lottery. They commented "First let us win the lottery then we will know."
To which my uncle concluded "Well, if you don't know what you will use the money for, then you will never win the lottery."
I know it was harsh but that made sense, because if you never know what your desires are how can your wishes come true?

I know some people don't allow themselves to express their wishes because they believe these wishes will never come true. I am a dreamer, and I love to express my wishes because I believe they will always come true in God's time.

A year ago today I expressed a wish on my personal blog. I wrote:
I hope this is the last year that my Hubby will not have a little one to wish him a wonderful father's day. I know he will love our children very much and I wish our children experience the love of their father forever.
In another post I wrote how I want my first child to be born before I turn thirty. It feels good to write a year later that my wish have come true. You all know that I am expecting our first child. And yesterday our little one - through me - wrote a card to wish his father a happy Father's day. I am HAPPY I am expecting. Maybe if I was too scared to express my wishes I would still be waiting this precious moment to come our way.

Today I want to confess that wishes do come true, so please don't be afraid to express the best and beautiful wish on your heart. Because WISHES DO COME TRUE!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello ladies,

Did you miss me? Sure I did. I feel like I've finally settled into a routine and hopefully I can pick up blogging as I like to.

Today I wanted to say hello and tell you how my pregnancy is progressing.

I can say that thanks to the Almight my health has not fail me too much during the journey. I don't like to be ill and I thank God to know me so much so he didn't let me go through any morning sickness. Since June I am going to the gym which helps, even once a month helps my body keep fit.

Yesterday my mum phoned and I told her I am going to the gym. At what she asked me "Is the doctor who told you to go?"
"The doctor told me that if i feel health I can go, plus I don't push myself to the limits."
"Be careful and don't go running to pick up phone call." my mother is sweet, I have to listen to her and take extra care of my body.

I am taking my folic acid and using Cocoa Butter for my body. I am eating fruits and drinking milk. But I want to know products that will help keep me health to my body from inside to the outside throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

How did you take care of you body while pregnant?

Please ladies let's confess :)!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can Weight Loss Break Up a Relationship?

I was reading a newspaper arcticle about a lady in her thirties who for most of her life has been overweight. She started working out and lost a great amount of weight.  As she lost weight, her husband became more distant.  As she lost weight, her confidence increased and she became aware of some issues in her relationship.  Which resulted in the end of her marriage.  She did not blame her weight loss on the break up of her marriage however it was a catalyst for her to recognize that there are issues in their relationship. 

I thought it was interesting because she doesn't blame the weight loss for her marriage breakdown.  However the weight loss was the catalyst to recognize her issues.  Now i know losing weight can definitely impact  relationsips, however do you think it can break up relationnshios? C'mon ladies, let us confess!

1) Do you think weight loss can break up a relationship?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Twenties or Thirties?!

When should you have a child? In your twenties or thirties? What are the pros and cons? Confess ladies, what are your thoughts about this?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Check Up!

As we approach our thirties ladies let us have our regular check ups, these are important and could be life changing. Dont wait for something to happen before you get a check up!