Friday, October 14, 2011

Fitness, Food & Fun Friday: H2O

Disclaimer: important information BUT don't read this if you are eating!

Recently i was advised by my personal trainer 
to drink a glass of water every morning (as soon as i wake up).

Why is this a good idea? you ask...

According to research, it's good for your digestive system, specifically for the bowel movement.

And i've tried it for the last several months and you know what it works! 
Every morning like clock works, i drink water and within minutes, i am in the bathroom!

My stomach doesn't hurt as much and i actually feel great in the mornings.
I am still drinking water throughout the day 
however there is nothing better than a glad of H2O in the morning.

Confess ladies, have you heard of this suggestion before?
And would you consider it this week?