Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: Accepting Your Reality

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This post is meant to encourage myself as well as you to accept our reality for what is it and live our lives!

The year of standing in my truth and living all accepting my reality for what it is!

I feel renewed as I approach my thirties and feel invigorated as I start so many new phases of my life including planning a wedding, becoming a Mrs to my Mr and being a more healthier and better me in 2011.  Whenever i reflect in my journal entries there are so many promises i made to myself including eating wisely and exercising more: being more healthier!  There were also a lot of talk about finding and keeping love!  The more I wrote in my journal entries about what I wanted to do and be, the more nothing happened!

In my twenties, I was definitely living in my head/journaling--a world in which I was creating but not really existing because it was NOT real.  The epiphany comes sometimes when you accept your reality for what it is.  Almost three years ago as I was creeping close to my thirties, it hit me that I had to accept my reality for what it was.  I was exercising but not eating and or being healthy.  I was falling in love with men but I wasn't accepting love in my life by loving myself just as I am!  How can anyone love you when you don't love yourself?! Such a cliche but so true.

Almost four years ago, i started to embrace myself for who i was: a loving, smart, independent woman who was not afraid to be alone! And as soon as i accepted that reality, i met my  future-husband-to-be! When he arrived, i was more than ready to receive all the love and care he had to give!

Needless to say for 2012, my new year's resolutions have to be revisited.  I need to accept my reality for what is is.  I need to love my body where it is and start making healthy decisions to take my body into my thirties!  I need to love myself so that others will love me openly and honestly.

I am learning in my thirties that it might be alright to live in your head in your twenties (if that is where you are) but this time in my life instead of living in my head--thinking about the 'what-if's", like Nike, I just have to do it!

Here's hoping that all of you out there JUST DO IT!

Share with the rest of us how and when you came to accept your reality for what is was or is?!