Monday, February 27, 2012

Be Inspired Monday: Lifecycle

today I want to share with our TC30s readers a manifesto I shared on my personal blog last week.

I know is a recycle but good inspirational thoughts are better shared twice than once and some of you don’t read my blog so it is fair to share it here.

Source: via TOI on Pinterest


this inspires me so much because it feels like i wrote it. you see, i’ve written about these kind on inspirational quotes on TC30s and here and there on my offline journal, but having a manifesto for it makes everything so clear. 

i love blogging because it is a mega forum where we can all share experiences and inspire others.

as the manifesto reads “… life is about the people you meet, and things you create with them… [and] life is short, live your dream and share you passion.”

my passion is writing and reading. i am trying my best to complete a young adult fiction. i would love to be a motivational speaker. it’s based on this passion that i want to start this new series. it is a movement between us women to share, search and hold onto our individuality to make us confident. you are the people i’ve met and i want to create this together. some of you lovely ladies are already part of this series, but the more the merrier.

SHE ROCKS… {click to learn more}


…is about you, about me, about her, about us… is a movement to keep every real woman's individuality ALIVE.

let’s team up for this new movement.

all the best,

xoxo TOI.