Monday, January 10, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: They Were Not Built In A Day...

...Rome, Cairo, New York...

They were not built in a day!

Most of us have a wish on our hearts - we know that this dream doesn't turn itself into reality over night. And again we know what we need to do to achieve it but sometimes we feel as if time is not on our side.

We should never forget that ancient or modern cities were and are not built in a day. That's why I believe to achieve our goals or mission in life we need time to be strong and have vision of our future potential and positivity to move forward to achieve them. 

You see I know my mission in life, but I still have to learn how to get there - I am building on that vision on a daily basis. To do that I need positive people around me on a daily basis. And I believe this will apply to some of you.

A part from becoming a mother, my dream is to become a successful writer. Some people say "that's an unrealistic goal, there are too many people who want to do the same." Deep down I question what if I was born to do something great and unrealistic rather than something realistic and mediocre?

To be able to fill myself with positivity I get inspired by Ancient buildings. Sometimes we forget to get inspired by the great buildings that surround us. We forget about the many years and patience people took to build up those ancient cities. To be able to build the majestic Colosseum or Pyramid, there was a need for time and vision. Maybe at the time of labour some people stood aside and commented "What unrealistic thing are they trying to achieve with those piling up of stones?" They didn't have the vision like the architects who spent time visioning and dreaming up the plan!
So with dedication and determination, but especially vision we can get to wherever we want to be. Because for many successful people having vision and positivity are key in their daily lives.

Let's Get Inspired Monday to make have vision in our daily lives for out long term goals!

Questions of the Day:
1. Are you struggling to hold on to your vision? What do you need to do differently?
2. What motivates you to achieve your dreams?
3. How long did it take you to reach your most important goal?