Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Letters to our Young Selves...

Surely, many of us have been broken hearted before in our younger days. Maybe a cute guy have referred to us as ugly/fat/crater face or worse, we've been bullied. Again, maybe, we've had a bad sexual experience, an illness, death of a parent/sibling...
When we are going through these difficult times, we truly believe that our lives are over and the pain and hurt will never end! In hindsight, everything does turn out to be alright, or at least the pain and hurt is not as pronouced! Those are the times in our lives where we would have liked someone to tell us "don't worry, everything will be okay."

The following is the letter in which I would confess to my:

Dear 17-18 years old girl,

You got mom worried. She told you that if you eat too much you will get fat. Then you stopped to eat all the fat foods. She made you conscious about the food you ate and to lose the weight, you did the yo-yo dieting. Then you bought those dieting pills... and when you lost the weight, she turned around and phoned your elder sister because you were losing so much weight?

You felt good, but deep down you still felt ugly.

Why did you bother you pretty girl?

I know why. You wanted somebody to tell you "You are beautiful." To have a mother who could listen to
Unpretty and understand you. You were strong for your self, but that was okay. Although you think you lost the weight for yourself, you did it because deep down you were acting on those words.

Let me tell you girl, you will find comfort and support through your poetry. You will then find true love when you least expect it a few months down the line. The person will love you because you are beautiful from the inside.
You will still have the extra pounds but you will know which clothes to wear to flatter the body. You will enjoy the curves because they make you a really beautiful woman. You will undertand that you are gracious in the 501 Lewis - you will buy them again to show off your curves :)!. You will champion your natural looks.

As you can read, everything will turn out alright. You will love life in full: with all it has to offer and more! You will see the queen in your self and you will cherish her! Because you will learn to appreciate life through the half full glass...


Your quasi-30something Self!
If you had the chance to go back and confess something to your younger self, what would you say?

Please take this time and confess something that happened to your younger self and what you would say to them! Help someone else in the process while helping your younger self!