Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Beauty: The Favourite Nail Polish

I have more than one nail polishes, but there is ONLY one that I am proud to have in my beauty bag. The colour is bold and goes well with many outfits. But most importantly, it lasts even after a week of washing dishes old school.

Which nail polish can be this good? You may ask.

Here is the lucky thing...

This is my favourite nail polish. I got it for free with when I purchsed two bottles of coca cola. In Europe sometimes you get the chance of getting free items with a purchase of a magazine and this time I got the best nail varnish with the purchase of two bottles of coke.

Nail Inc London and retail price is £11.00, but I was lucky to get it for £2.50 with two bottles of coke. I don’t want to rub in.

I still have it and works fine even after a year and still happy about it.

I am sure there are other good nail polishes out there which I don't know about. So, ladies do you have a favourite nail polish?