Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Choices: Paper or Electronic?

Ladies, summer is here! Many of you are planning family, girlfriend, husband/children free vacations! You love relaxing in the cabanas at the beach, enjoying the sun and breeze of the tropics! Some of you may like to sleep all day under the sun (just wear your sunscreen), others may like to read. Hence comes that proverbial question of "how do you like your reading?". Nowadays we have choices ladies.

To paper book read or electronic-read?

Personally, i love the feel and smell of paper books. Turning the pages and physically displaying the book afterwards on my bookshelf. Love it! Although i may be killing a tree (i recycle) in my reading process, if i loose the paper book, i won't be going crazy out of my mind trying to find it, because honestly it was under $15.00! Furthermore, i don't have to power up my book!

How do you like your reading? Paper or Electronic? This is becoming a very difficult summer choice! Therefore, confess ladies, this summer, which choice have you made? Which side are you on and why?
(if you haven't made a choice...choose today!)
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