The Confessions of 30-something

... isn't that a fantastic title for something fun and amazing... Oh, we are going too fast, let's go slow. We have something fantastic in mind...

We include:  Life of Toi (Ms. BabyPlan) and The Adventures of Team Pancakes (Mrs. Pancakes).  Two bloggers creeping into our thirties and loving it!

So, why another blog? You might ask.We want to start another blog because we think it would be fabulous for women coming of age – the thirties and there about – who love blogging to get together online and confess about everything related to life. As we move towards-thru-and-over our 30s, there are different aspects about life that come up that is not the same as it was in your twenties and or teens including: love, relationships, motherhood, children, family life, health, beauty, friends, sex, money and many more things that you don’t necessarily want to share with everyone in real life but still would like to share. 

This is where this blog comes in.  The Confessions of 30s (TC30s), which we hope will turn into more than a blog but a community of like-minded women.  A platform for women to talk about their life experiences including some difficult issues such as conceiving and the ‘shame’ that one comes with it to fun topics like is Zumba good for your love life?  We want to ask questions and answer questions that can help us all become better versions of ourselves before and in our 30s and beyond!  

As we were writing this blog entry, Lisa Ling’s website Secrets Society of Women came to mind. Her mission is to have a platform dedicated to women who need to speak about issues that sometimes are unspeakable in real life! In the blogsphere we want to be able build the a similar community. 

Another inspiration for this new venture is Oprah. From 1st January 2011 she's broadcasting her biggest challenge ever since she started Oprah Winfrey Show. OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is a simple fact that anything can happen if you have good support around you, believe in yourself and work hard, dreams do come true! 

Life is about experimenting with new thoughts, ideas and experiences and for us there is so much still to experience. Some of us have watched our 20somethings go by without realizing our dreams.  But that doesn't matter because now we have to think about how great and better we can make our 30s and beyond. We all know that everything that is absolute comes in the perfect number 3. Therefore, together we hope we can embrace ourselves where-ever we are on this journey and confess something in our 30s! 

We are very inspired by Oprah, Lisa, ourselves and you to launch The Confessions of 30-something as a community from January 1st, 2011 to begin a new year. 

We may be novices on the blogsphere but we have the passion and enthusiasm to inspire others. We aim to focus on the greater things we can achieve in our daily lives, individually and collectively! We hope this blog will allow us to meet various other bloggers and engage in conversations that will not only enable us to grow but to develop into our better selves as we move through our fabulous 30s!

The idea is just developing right now so we are open to suggestions, ideas and new inspiration! Feel free to connect with us so that we can begin to Confess and share our lives with one another. 

Let us start dreaming big from the 1st of January 2011 with long term vision to build and grow into something amazing!
We would love our fellow bloggers to begin this venture with us!

If you are about creeping away from your 20s and into your 30s and even passed it....and interested in this new venture send us an email to confessions30@gmail.com CONFESSIONS30[at]GMAIL.COM