Friday, January 11, 2013

{Repost} Fitness, Food & Fun Friday: (Guest Blogger) Hitting the Wall

I am so pumped about our guest blogger!

You remember when you were young and you really wanted that cool girl to be your friend? Well that's how i felt about Ms. Drazil & Sheniqua! Therefore, I was very excited when she agreed to be a guest blogger for TC30s!

The first time I read Drazil & Sheniqua's blog, I was a little confused because I thought it was about two people until I read further ahead and found out that there were two people but in one person! Herself and her alter ego! Drazil is the inner "lizard/demons" and Sheniqua is her extra 15lbs. Her story is one that we can all relate to. The story of our constant search for self-love and self-worth throughout our teens, twenties, thirties and beyond!

As soon as you read her blog, you can hear her comedic chops and it is refreshing to have so much honesty in the blogging world. I mean her tag line is: ...bathing in rainbows skittles and farting gumdrops while we search for our ever-elusive inner peace and self-love! Gotta love her!

In her unique, fun and fabulous way she shares some confessions about her experiences related to fitness, food & fun! But I will stop and let her talk for herself. Enjoy our guest blogger ladies, we certainly did!

Food, Fitness and Fun. Yup, that’s what I was asked to write about. And that’s exactly when I drew a blank.

If I’m being honest – it’s the word “fun” that threw me off completely. Food and fun? Well, heck yes. BEFORE I became a Nutrisystem fruitcake and followed it to the letter and food just became fuel for my body.

Who would have guessed?

That leaves me to fitness and fun? Whhaaatttt? Can you really put those two together?

I have no flipping idea. I mean, Casey Anthony is walking free so really – anything can happen right?

I can tell you from experience that a person can start craving and needing and wanting fitness. And that in itself is FUN if you’ve never felt it before.

Speaking of new things during workouts…there are two specific things I had never experienced before I began running and they are “the wall” and “the runner’s high”.

How many of you have ever heard of either one?

I have often talked about “hitting the wall” as a worker-outer on my blog. That’s – by technical definition (lol) – the minutes or few minutes during your workout when you want to die or hork up a lung or just sit the hell down and stop.

Quitting is the only thing you can hear, see and breathe and it becomes your main objective. You start telling yourself – “just five more minutes and you can be done”…..

And then? You get to the end of the five minutes and you’re still standing and you have both your lungs and suddenly you feel like you could fly.

You know that if you had to – you could endure this “fitness stuff” for hours and hours more. You almost feel “high”.

That my friends is called “climbing the wall” and “the runner’s high” – in my case cuz it only happens to me when I run. I’ve heard you can experience it during most kinds of fitness.

I thought I was the only one who spoke of this invisible wall theory. For me, it always hits at about 20 minutes in…and I tell myself if I can stick it out to 25 – then I can quit.

25 minutes comes and I always go on to 60 or more. I have never once actually stopped when I hit 25.

Turns out MANY people have a wall – each at their own minute or mile or spot in their workout. A fellow 10 mile a day runner friend of mine says he hits his wall at 5 miles into a run. If he can make it past that – he could run all day. This is a guy who has completed 50 mile marathons and yes folks – even he has a wall.

Another friend says 3 miles is his wall hitting point. If he makes it past that you can try to catch him but he’ll probably outrun you every time.

I guess the point of my story is – just do it. (Sorry Nike). Even the most experienced exercisers have limits and walls and moments of not wanting to continue or get up and keep going.

But they do.

And the payoff is worth it.

It’s a free high.

It’s not available on any supermarket shelf or department store kiosk. You can’t buy it even if you have all the money in the world.

You have to earn this high and once you do – I promise you – you’ll be back for more.

So tell me?

When do you hit your wall? When do you feel the high?

And if you don’t know – what are you waiting for?



Thank you Drazil & Sheniqua and we appreciate the woman infront of you! 
Ladies, please check her out when you can at "It's Juse Me, Drazil & Sheniqua" and give her loads of love and fist pumps!