Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Fashion Item: The Wedding Dress

Two years before getting married I put together a list of things I wanted from my dress. Simplicity, elegance and timelessness. A dress that after twenty years I would like to wear and my children would be proud I wore for my wedding.

After trying on many already made dresses, I decided to design my own, because it was going to be one dress, one wedding. I still love my wedding dress. I adore it! It is also the most expensive fashion item I've ever owed. I wish I have a picture which makes the dress justice.

30th July 2005June 2010
After five years - 1 month, I could still fit the dress but the loose parts were filled in, WOW!

I still have it and hope it becomes a family heirloom. I LOVE my wedding dress.

How about you? Do you still love your wedding dress? Why did you choose it? (We would like to see your wedding dress, please post a link to the dress :). Do you hope it becomes a family heirloom? Do you know which type of dress you would like to wear for your wedding?

Please ladies, confess about your wedding dress :).