Monday, July 25, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: "... Enjoy your life and travel the world."

There was a time in my life that I wanted to have a boyfriend just like my friends. I didn't tell anyone, but when one guy started to pursue me, my elder brother took me aside and said "Don't rush into a relationship. Enjoy your life and travel the world." After those thoughtful words I still wanted to have a boyfriend. But the guy who was on my case was not the one I wanted, my heart was not there for him. Plus, I really thought I was too young. The thing that appealed to me was traveling the world.

That year, 1999, in the winter I left Italy for the USA for the first time. I bought my first ticket and instead of landing in New York I booked the flight for Newark, it was cheaper and, in my mind, it was so close to NY. When I got there it was expensive to take a bus from the airport to NY. I had to wait at the airport for hours, without money! But finally my mum managed to contact her friend who I've never met to come and get me. It was a great adventure because I met this wonderful woman.

One day, at her house her five year-old girl told her three-year old brother: "Sorry is a beautiful word to say." Those words from the little girl were so inspiring, because as a proud person I tend never to go back on my decision or say sorry easily. But I learnt from that little girl that winter!

The following year, around the same time, I went to Britain - London to be exact. I saw one of the actresses in Love Actually, a true British sweetheart. What an experience! I was also brave for the first time to ask random people to take pictures of me because I went sightseeing by myself while my auntie and uncle were at work.

After all these experiences I felt a bit wiser than some of my friends.  If on one hand they were matured due to their love relationships, I was matured due to my knowledge of having seen the world.  And possibly i was wiser to know which boy was right to be my boyfriend!

All this rant just to say that, if you are in a stage of your life in which you feel like you haven't achieved what most of your friends are achieving, don't fret. Your time will come, but in the meantime listen to my wise brother: "Don't rush...Enjoy your life and travel the world!"

Confess ladies, where is the most fun place you have traveled?
And what did you learn about yourself in the process?