Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On Beauty: Hair Extensions!

TC30s is making Tuesdays beauty day! It will be everything on beauty from cosmetics to hair, skin to nails and product reviews to giveaways and samples.  Everything will be coming up beautiful on Tuesdays!

And to start us of, will be our first on beauty guest blogger, Naomi from Miso Glamorous Beauty Blog. She is a self proclaimed beauty fanatic and we are so glad we found her.  Her blog brings you everything on beauty and some amazing giveaways! Naomi reminds us "when you look good you feel good!"  She definitely lives by that.  Ain't she gorgeous!

Courtesy of Miso Glamorous

Today Naomi will be introducing us to hair extensions!
So ladies, pull up your chair closer to the screen and enjoy her fantastic vlog on hair extensions!
TC30s first ever vlog! So exciting!


Good Morning TC30s Readers.  Thanks bunches for this opportunity!

From clip ins hair extension to cold fusion hair extension, I wear and love them all. 
Clip in hair extensions are an easy and affordable way to gain longer and fuller locks.

About two years ago I decided that I wanted longer hair and made the decision to get hair extensions. 

The hair extension world can be overwhelming and intimidating because of the many hair extension application techniques.   

I started with clip in hair extensions which gave me time to do research on other hair extensions applications. Please view the video below to learn more about clip in hair extensions. 

Happy watching!

XOXO Naomi!


I told you all she is beautiful!
Thanks Naomi for showing us this great option for our tresses!
Ladies, don't forget to stop by her blog, MisoGlamorous!

Now confess about your hair extension stories...
The good, fab, bad and the fugly!