Friday, February 25, 2011

3X the LOVE

Valentine's Day just passed however i cannot help but reflect on love this dreary friday.  Love is such a powerful thing that evokes so much emotionality out of us as human beings.  Isn't love, the ability to feel love, that gives us our souls and sets us apart from machines?
It is great to think that there is a  progression from friendship love to romantic love to unconditional love.  And i am glad to say that i believe my Mr. and i have progressed through the three types of love and would like to think we have arrived at unconditional love. 

Let us take a look at the 3 Types of Love:

1) Philos love - a love based on friendship between two people

2) Eros love - known as "erotic love". It is based on strong feelings toward another. It usually occurs in the first stages of a man-woman "romantic" relationship.

3) Agape - unconditional love

The physical, mental and spiritual kind of love is found in the 3 types of love.  We can all hope to someday feel some kind of love our way, whatever type it is, i hope you feel it and i hope you have the capacity to give it too!

I am inspired today by the unconditional love i feel on this dreary friday!  I know that because i have agape love, whatever the weather may be outside, i feel nothing but sunshine and roses deep within me! 

How do you feel today in your corner of the world?