Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello ladies,

Did you miss me? Sure I did. I feel like I've finally settled into a routine and hopefully I can pick up blogging as I like to.

Today I wanted to say hello and tell you how my pregnancy is progressing.

I can say that thanks to the Almight my health has not fail me too much during the journey. I don't like to be ill and I thank God to know me so much so he didn't let me go through any morning sickness. Since June I am going to the gym which helps, even once a month helps my body keep fit.

Yesterday my mum phoned and I told her I am going to the gym. At what she asked me "Is the doctor who told you to go?"
"The doctor told me that if i feel health I can go, plus I don't push myself to the limits."
"Be careful and don't go running to pick up phone call." my mother is sweet, I have to listen to her and take extra care of my body.

I am taking my folic acid and using Cocoa Butter for my body. I am eating fruits and drinking milk. But I want to know products that will help keep me health to my body from inside to the outside throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

How did you take care of you body while pregnant?

Please ladies let's confess :)!