Friday, September 2, 2011

Celebrating Our 30s!: Laurin!

TC30s is definitely excited about this new feature!
We will be celebrating some amazing ladies who are enjoying their fab 30s.
These ladies are confessing that life is even more fabulous NOW than ever!
They've learned some lessons along the way, good and bad, and are ready to share it with us!  

TC30s came across Laurin from Searching for Sanity unexpectedly and it definitely was in the cosmos!
Naturally, she had to start off this new feature for us!

Laurin recently turned thirty and we loved the way she celebrated her day.
She so eloquently waved goodbye to her twenties
and sashayed into her next decade beautifully.  
We asked her to share how she celebrated her 30th with us!

Ladies, introducing Laurin:

1. Name & blog
Laurin @ Searching for Sanity  www.thesearchfamily.blogspot.
 2. Age 
3.  What is the best thing you did to celebrate turning 30?
I spent my 30th birthday with my husband and daughter, two of our best
friends, and their two kids.  We enjoyed pizza, cupcakes, wine (there's
always wine!) and had lots of laughs - it was perfect!

Laurin is a beautiful wife, mom, sister, friend and a Gamecock gotta love her!
She believes in: dancing and singing even when everyone is watching and  the kind of love where both your eyes and soul are wide open.  

Take it away, Laurin!

Here we go!

 I think I’ll take a moment, celebrate my age...
 The ending of an era and the turning of a page
Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here
 Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

Hey my next thirty years I’m gonna have some fun
 Try to forget about all the crazy things I’ve done
 Maybe now I’ve conquered all my adolescent fears
 And I’ll do it better in my next thirty years....Tim McGraw

 Thirty isn't so bad.
Its ok to turn thirty!
 I've learned a lot.
 Here's what I've learned and why 30 rocks:

1. Watch out - I can be president in 5 years.
 2. According to Snooki, I am now a cougar.
3. It's a "milestone" birthday.
4. I may be turning 30 but I will always be the youngest in my family.
5. All the life lessons I learned in my 20s, I can now apply to my thirties.
6. Being carded is a compliment.
 7. Like wine, I'm getting better with age.
8. "Remember when" now applies to my twenties.
9. More candles = Bigger Cake
10. Though humbled and broken-hearted, I am wise enough to know what dreams to let go of.
 11. Being thirty is like a rite of passage - I'm old enough for the "old
people" to take me seriously as an adult, but still young enough to be considered "cool."
12. I have a certain confidence in my own experience and knowledge and a
 certain comfort in my own skin that I did not have before.
13. I am one year closer to senior citizen’s discounts.
14. I have a healthy balance of self-discovery and learning from others.15. I know who my friends are.
16. I'm still younger than most of said friends.
 17. The maximum heart rate during exercise is now lower.
 18. I understand and accept that nothing is given to you in life, everything is earned.
 19. I will get fewer weird looks by declining events based on parking
accommodations, size of crowd, food served - simply because of my age.
20. I’m finally at an age where I realize it’s important to take care of ME.
 21. I eat dessert first. Because I can.
 22. I've learned that growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.
23. I've just about run out of lessons that I have to learn the hard way.
 24. I know what I like and what I don't.
 25. 'Life is short, so break the rules. Forgive like you have amnesia,
believe like a kid, love like crazy, laugh til you fart, and never regret anything that made you happy.'
 26. Simply being able to turn thirty is better than the alternative!
27. Don’t quit. Life's storms will define you. No rain, no rainbows.
 28. 'Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen Hard. Practice wellness.
 Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends.
 Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.'
 29. The most important thing is not the place where you live but the people
 around you that you share your life with. Take care of them as much as you can.

30. I'm awesome. Just because!


Ladies, when i read this list, i pumped my fist in the air and said YAAHHH to 30! 
Thank you Laurin for such an inspirational list! 
And helping others take ownership of the new chapter in their 30s!
Please stop by and say hello to Laurin @  Searching for Sanity!

And to celebrate, Laurin wanted to share (Sexy) Tim McGraw's the Next Thirty Years with us!

BTW: Happy Birthday on 9/4 to Beyonce!
Welcome to the Fab 30s!
You are glowing!