Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness, Food & Fun Friday: Strong Bones in Your 30s...

I was reading articles on, this is Lance Armstrong's website, which has amazing information on everything health related.  I mean he is doing a wonderful job with it!  I came across a website about taking care of your bones in your thirties! I thought you might enjoy this and find it helpful.

1. Value Your Health

While it's great to think about preserving your body's health into old age, your thirties are also a time to enjoy your current level of health. By valuing what you have now--strong bones, a high retention of nutrients and the resultant high energy level--you can help prevent osteoporosis and other conditions related to aging. Most people know that calcium is vital to maintaining bone strength and strive to get plenty of calcium in their diets. However, ingesting substances or engaging in behavior that blocks the absorption of calcium and other nutrients can be just as detrimental to your bones as not getting enough calcium in the first place. Excessive dieting and eating disorders have been found to deplete calcium reserves in the body. Treat anorexia or bulimia and diet to lose weight only for short periods of a couple weeks at a time.

2. Treat Yourself With Coffee, Chocolate or Wine

Instead of focusing on cutting things out of your diet, change your attitude about what you include. Caffeine, alcohol and high-phosphorus items, such as red meats and fizzy drinks, should be consumed in limited quantities. Use coffee, chocolate, wine or other risky foods or beverages as special pleasures for when you celebrate. Having one or two cups of coffee or an alcoholic or carbonated drink or two will become treats to be savored rather than forbidden favorites.

3. Work Out Regularly

Lots of people exercise to prevent heart disease or to keep their weight down, but regular exercise also contributes to healthy bones. A hallmark of osteoporosis is the fracture of a wrist, hip or backbone. These are just as important to avoid as heart attacks or obesity. Experts recommend three to four sessions of weight-bearing exercise for about 45 minutes each. This can include jogging, tennis, hiking or stair climbing. In addition, strength training, such as lifting weights or using resistance banding, a couple times a week is also beneficial. A comprehensive exercise program reduces stress, maintains energy levels and keeps bones fit.

These are some great suggestions. They are not restrictive which i think is fantastic.  It's always helpful to have some fun with food while taking care of your fitness!

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