Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can Weight Loss Break Up a Relationship?

I was reading a newspaper arcticle about a lady in her thirties who for most of her life has been overweight. She started working out and lost a great amount of weight.  As she lost weight, her husband became more distant.  As she lost weight, her confidence increased and she became aware of some issues in her relationship.  Which resulted in the end of her marriage.  She did not blame her weight loss on the break up of her marriage however it was a catalyst for her to recognize that there are issues in their relationship. 

I thought it was interesting because she doesn't blame the weight loss for her marriage breakdown.  However the weight loss was the catalyst to recognize her issues.  Now i know losing weight can definitely impact  relationsips, however do you think it can break up relationnshios? C'mon ladies, let us confess!

1) Do you think weight loss can break up a relationship?