Monday, August 1, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: Age Is Just A Number

I am aware that knowledge is empowering but sometimes that knowledge pushes us into a state of fear and panic. That's the case when it comes to ageing. As another year add onto our already levitating years we fret because we are ageing. We worry about the horrible nightmares caused by wrinkles and how we lost count of the grey hair.

But what if we didn't know our real age? Would we be so obsessed about the lack of not achieving a goal we set ourselves before a certain number. I wanted to have a red sporty car by the age of 25, but that didn't happen. I would like to get my first book published by the 30, but what if that doesn't happen. What if I get it published by the age of 32 or 35, would I refuse. Of course not, because I know age is just a number. It more what we feel and how we achieve a goal that matters, not when. Is our nature to set goals and if we don't reach those goals by a certain age we become depressed and fearful.

There is one person that inspires me as I grow older: my grandmother.

I know that my grandmother doesn't know her real age. She was born in a period in which people didn't care about noting one's year of birth. They only went by events happening in the time. One day I asked her when she was born and she told me "I was born when this thing happened." It sounded funny to me but then realised that all her life she was able to be who she wanted to be without letting a number condition her life. Although she doesn't know her real age that doesn't effect her way of life. She is till living, she can dance and take care of her well-being without fretting about how old her non-existent birth certificate might have told her.I believe that the age on our birth certificate push us into a state of panic each year. What if we were like the generation of my grandmother, would we fret so much about age. Because, really, when it comes to living life to its fullest we should remember, age is just a number!Also as Bryan Adams sung I want to be 18 till I Die...

"'s not how ya look, it's what ya feel inside..."

That's my anthem, just because I am ageing thanks to the numerical system on my birth certificate and grey hair in places..., inside I feel young no matter the numbers on that fascist paper.

Ladies, let confess, do you let age condition your life? Which song inspires you to live your age at its best?