Friday, October 28, 2011

Celebrating Our 30s: Trina

Trina has one of the most adorable blogs in blogland.  She chronicles the adventures of her and daughter Peyton.   Trina shares their adventures through fashion, fun and family.  
 Peyton seriously has one of the best closets around!
 We were excited when Trina agreed to share with us how she is celebrating being and living her thirties.  She is definitely Peyton's mom but also a woman who enjoys her family, friends,
fun and fabulous fashion finds.
But let Trina tell you in her own words how she is enjoying her thirties!

(Aren't they are adorable together!)



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What have you changed about the following areas since turning 30?
Since turning 30 it is not as easy to lose weight, but is it never easy to lose weight in the first place.
I am still a social butterfly!  I love talking to people!  I have learned to think before I speak in some situations
I thought I would be a millionaire on by my own merits by the time I turned 30.  That didn’t happen : (  So I just keep working and trying to save for my daughters future.
I cherish my relationships with girlfriends.  I have the some of the same friends from high school, college and even grade school.  I am blessed to have such great friends in my 30’s.
I had my first ( and only for now) child at 31.  I feel like I was late but all my friends where around 30 when they started having kids.

How are you balancing work, family and friends?
I try to balance by not sleeping to do things for myself.  Still working on that.

Any fashion and beauty you've learnt since turning 30?
Know what looks good on you! Don’t try to go with trends if they don’t work for you. 

How do you keep fit? 
I love doing Zumba!  Its hour long dance party, plus you learn “new” songs. 

Do you have one advice you would like to tell your children/future children? 
Love and be happy with yourself!  You are worthy of everything great!

Did you think you would be married with children by 30? 
In my 20’s I was not sure I even wanted to have children.  I am so happy I did!  It’s everything worth it!

Does your husband (family) ever read your blog? 
My husband checks out the blog, he just looks at the photos I post.

Make a Confession about being a 30something?
I love when people assume that I am younger then I am and then I bust out and tell them I am 33!

Do you have any favorite motto you go by?
30 is the new 20!


Trina, TC30s definitely agrees with you that "30 is the new 20."
And you are making 33 look soo good!
Thank you Trina for sharing a little about the woman who is known as Peyton's mom.
Ladies, please stop by her blog when you get an opportunity.
You may find a few fashion finds and deals for you and the little one!