Monday, October 3, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: Mi-Inspiration

Sometimes we talk about how celebrities inspire us but there are so many NON-celebrity women out there that inspire so much. Saturday we featured Miesha, the blogger behind Mi-Inspire... healthy lifestyle transformation, a blogger we fell in love with because she is a true inspiration because through her life transformation she shows us what means to have a focus, determination and motivation to achieve a healthy and fullfilling lifestyle.
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Miesha's letter made us think about the importance of giving oneself a good advice from young age and looking at life through positive lenses. And TC30s love living life as best as we can live it.
We hope many people could re-read these lines:
Never allow anyone else to dictate or control your life. As an adult you are
capable of making your own decisions. You may not always make the right choices but the key is learning from your mistakes and moving forward. A person that says they love you does not abuse you, whether that be mental or physical abuse. A person that says they love you does not take from you either. At the first signs of abusive behavior hit the road and never look back. The backlash of abuse can been felt for many years in ways that you'll never imagine.
It is okay to seek help when you feel like you are battling something that you no longer have control over. You are not a failure because you are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. It is not healthy to try to live up to others' expectations for your life. Your family history does not have to set the precedence for your life. Watching your mother get abused doesn't mean that you have to be abused. Choose a better path for yourself. Surround yourself with positive, nurturing people that only have your best interest at heart.
We believe that to do better in life one must surround her/himself with positive and nurturing people. Positive thinking is a true key to success!

We hope this letter inspires you on today's Be Inspired Monday.