Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Fashion Item: Feel The Blue


omg, so sorry for this long hiatus, i’ve been busy mothering my baby Smile

well,we’re back with Wednesday Fashion Item and we hope to stay awhile. so, i love colour in my fashion.

red is my all year round colour but this fall i feel the blue… exactly electric blue, the colour is so late 90s but it’s cool…

which colour are you digging this fall? have worn the colour of the season?

Please share with us we would like to see.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Be Inspired Monday: Eye of the Storm

It's been a while ladies...hope you are all doing great!

We wanted to inspire you this Monday because many of you are in the eye of the storm...
We want to wish everyone a safe time in the storm...
I never know how or why they name storms...
and such a sweet name for a storm...Sandy...really?!
Anywho...Be prepared with all the necessities including:
 flashlight, water, batteries and nonperishable foods!


How are you keeping safe in this storm?

Remember sometimes the storm can inspire us to 
Praise the One that matters the most!!