Saturday, July 2, 2011

Moving moving home!

In thinking about MsBP recent move to Canada, which I am stocked up because that's my home! And this weekend being 4th of July, i thought i would speak about where we all call home even when we've moved many many times in the past.

Does a home mean you are home.  Or does family mean you are home? 

I have never liked change but since college I have moved houses, apartments, cities and now countries way too many times to count. Of all the moves, the most important thing I have learned about myself is "home is truly where your heart is!" 

Most of the time it is not about the physical space but who is around you as you are moving.  It can be a friend, a family member and in the case of MsBP, her hubby! Moving to the US was definitely made easier because I had my now husband and best friend here.  Home is definitely where you live with your loved ones .

As we celebrate those that helped shape the US homeland and gave us our freedoms, let us remember that our home is where our loved ones are.

Happy July 4th and Canada's Day!
Do you guys agree that home is where your loved ones are?