Friday, September 9, 2011

Fitness, Food & Fun Friday: Dresser Refurbishment

This is going to be fun for me, because this is my first time attempting to refurbish something.

Do you remember Karate Kid, the 1984 one? The story of Daniel and how he learns martial arts by waxing cars, sanding a wooden floor, refinishing a fence, and painting Miyagi's house.

This is what Fun Friday is about. No, I don't want to learn martial arts. All I want to do is to refurbish this dresser I bought yesterday.
Apart from hoping to to have something nice out of the old dresser, I believe sanding off and painting will be a fun way to keep fit. The hardest part is sanding off the old varnish with a sandpaper, in the end I will have tired arms. I will be thinking about Karate Kid - rub and wax.

Have you ever done something fun that at first sight it doesn't look fitness workout? Have you ever refurbished something before?

Please share and have fun on Friday TC30s!