Friday, July 15, 2011

Fitness, Food & Fun Friday: Get a Check Up!

regular check-ups

It is important to get regular check-ups in all ages but especially as we approach our thirties. Our bodies are changing more than ever i believe in our thirties. Last week, we spoke about the importance of bone health. This week we will look at getting regular checkups to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and other vital signs to maintain a healthy body and life.

If we are able to deal with problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, cancers, or high blood pressure early then treatment is most effective and less damaging to the body. We need to encourage each other to get regular annual check-ups for everything. From the external to the internal parts of our bodies.

I believe that a regular annual check up saved my life. If i had not gone in for my annual check-up, i wouldn't have found out that i had a lump in my thyroid that were cancerous. Going in for a check up was an early preventative measure for me. They were able to remove the cancer and now i am living my life, without a thyroid, but i am healthy and alive!

Ladies, we never really what is going on in our bodies hence why we need to get our regular check-ups!

Confess ladies, when was the last time you went in a for a medical check-up?

If not recently, please schedule one TODAY!