Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Fashion Item: Melissa

Melissa is a mother of two, she blogs at Dear Baby, where you can find anything related to her life as a mother, wife and fashionista.

She always looks amazing in all her outfit. Yesterday, I saw this outfit post and I couldn’t resist but share it here with my TC30s readers.

This picture inspired me to focus on taking care of my health and style to be the yummy mummy I always dreamt to become. I have a beautiful daughter and now I need to become a beautiful/stylish mother.


Melissa @ Dear Baby


What do you think of Melissa’s style?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Be Inspired Monday: Live Life This...

If we all lived the way this quote instructs...we would all be better for it!!
Be Motivated this do what you can today to live life like this...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Be Inspired Monday:

I have been a bit MIA with Be Inspired Monday 
and I wanted to bring it back full force today.

Being inspired can be a difficult thing sometimes
 but it should never be something we don't strive for because of lack of motivation. 
We are who we become because of the limitations we put on ourselves.
And we should choose to live our lives limitless...there is nothing we can't do...
there is nothing we should choose not to do...
And the quote below says it all...
Be Inspired this Monday to be the best version of yourself.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Fashion Item: Date Night Outfit

If you follow my personal blog, then you already know that Saturday, AMI and I went on a date. I dressed up, applied make up, lip gloss and mascara. So I can resist but share it on TC30s.

so this is the outfit I wore. datenighttoioutfitflats: shelley made in italy/ coat: Sisley italy/ dress: Vero Moda/ tight: Calzedonia/ {cardigan| scarf| earrings}: no name

I bought the dress last year but hadn’t had the chance to wear it until Saturday. It felt good to wear a brand new dress.

Do you like dressing up? How often do you go on a date?

xoxo, TOI