Monday, June 20, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: Wishes Do Come True

One day at a family dinner one of my uncles made a speech in which he asked "What would you buy if you ever won the lottery?" I had my list under my belt, but some of our family members didn't know what they would buy if they ever won the lottery. They commented "First let us win the lottery then we will know."
To which my uncle concluded "Well, if you don't know what you will use the money for, then you will never win the lottery."
I know it was harsh but that made sense, because if you never know what your desires are how can your wishes come true?

I know some people don't allow themselves to express their wishes because they believe these wishes will never come true. I am a dreamer, and I love to express my wishes because I believe they will always come true in God's time.

A year ago today I expressed a wish on my personal blog. I wrote:
I hope this is the last year that my Hubby will not have a little one to wish him a wonderful father's day. I know he will love our children very much and I wish our children experience the love of their father forever.
In another post I wrote how I want my first child to be born before I turn thirty. It feels good to write a year later that my wish have come true. You all know that I am expecting our first child. And yesterday our little one - through me - wrote a card to wish his father a happy Father's day. I am HAPPY I am expecting. Maybe if I was too scared to express my wishes I would still be waiting this precious moment to come our way.

Today I want to confess that wishes do come true, so please don't be afraid to express the best and beautiful wish on your heart. Because WISHES DO COME TRUE!