Thursday, September 8, 2011

On Marriage: Good Sex Before or After 30s?


We are all adult here, right?

Good :)!... then let's talk about SEX!

When my sister was younger, my other sisters and I (who were older by two/three years) would tease her saying: "We will share secrets about making whoopee when you are much older!"

What were these sex secrets that I would not share with her when she was in her early twenties? (now she is almost 30 :). Thinking about when she will come and ask me these secrets lead me to this post! After all it is about confessions in our 30somethings, right?

As I have matured and finally met my husband-to-be, I definitely believe sex has gotten much better. Making whoppee has gone from just a physical act to a level of intimacy that I have never felt before. Have you ever cried during sex (for good reasons?) I am referring to that level of intensity of intimacy!

Then recently one of my girlfiends asked me:"How do you have good sex?""{she has not had a lot of good sex in her adult life}

I am not an expert on sex but I am definitely an expert on my own sex life! (I don't speak a lot about that but once in a while, girls can talk without ever putting our significant others in any embarrassing or compromising situations ;)!

The answer to this question prompted me to think about my own sex life from my twenties and now in my thirties. In my twenties, I was more worried about being loved by my partner. I did not focus on intimacy and sharing love making with the person I was with. I wanted to please, instead of pleasing each other.

Therefore, for me, it is not necessarily about whether sex became better in my 30something, it is about becoming comfortable with oneself as a woman and accepting your sexuality. But most importantly sex/making or whoppee/love become even more fun because one meets the right person who attracte you and makes you feel sexy beyond words!

I met the man who gives me all this and we enjoy each other's company, that translates into how intimate we are with one another in the bedroom.

So, TC30s ladies out there...what are you thinking:

1) When did you manage to achieve the deeper intimacy with your partner?

2) Is making whoppee better in your 30s or you managed to get to that intimacy in your 20s?

3) What has made it better for you?

Please, confess something that makes you feel comfortable!