Monday, July 11, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: The Model...

Looking up to a model for inspiration can sound superficial, but we have to remember that models are human beings. Some are good, some are bad and some are ugly.

I've watched many documentaries about how magazines brush up models to make them look perfect, skinny and flawless, while in real life some look horrible without make up. What makes them stand out is their heights. Today I want to talk about how Gisele Bundchen inspires me.


First thing to point out is that Gisele doesn't inspire me physically because I was not created like her and I never want to be like her. She inspires me when it comes to healthy living.

In an interview the journalist asked her "Do you or have you ever worried about your weight?"

She answered "Not about my weight, no. But my health is very important to me, and I try to eat well and exercise because I know that has an impact on my body and health." I don't think is a crime to care about your health. We shouldn't worry too much about the weight but about how we feel in our bodies. Gisele points out that she takes care of her well being. Some models, to play the perfect model image, would simply say they eat everything and they are still perfectly thin.

She also said that when she was younger she used to eat a lot of fast food and meat. But now that she is older she likes foods that give her energy. A person could never be healthy if all she cares about is to eat fast food and packets of crisp.

When it comes to how she kept fit through her pregnancy she said "I did kung fu until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week... I was mindful about what I ate,..." She gave birth naturally and she is proud of that because natural birth is empowering. I believe in that philosophy too. She was a great advocate for breastfeeding and she managed to get back into shape thanks to her mindful active pregnancy "I think is muscle memory," and yoga in her living room. When Claudia Schiffer was asked the same question she answered "I lost the baby weight by breastfeeding." Really ladies, do you believe the sole action of breastfeeding your baby can help you shed the whole baby weight? I don't think so. I am mindful about what I eat and I try to keep fit because I would like a natural birth.

I remember reading an interview of Gisele Bundchen in the early 2000, in this interview she said that in ten years from then she saw herself married with a family. The girl had a wish and she worked towards. Now she is a mother who is passionate about breastfeeding. She doesn't try to be a super woman infact she confessed that she is still trying to find "... the balance between being a mum, a wife, [an eco-activist] and businesswoman.

In everything we do there is a need of balance. Our health and dreams are closely related to how we can find a rhythm that works for each one of us. We should not be scared to let people know that sometimes is difficult to achieve the balance but we should not forget to enjoy each minute of our lives. Trust our intuition, because the more we believe in ourselves the more this will empower us. Each minute spent to achieve our dreams will built up that dream.

Her words inspire me to live the best time of my life as I approach the older age signed by 30s.

We can start by designing a goal we want to reach by the end of each week. My aim for this week is to write about 3000 words for my story, because every little count.

What is your goal for this week. Please share with us.

I hope this post will inspire you reach it. Love yourself, love your intuition and be empowered.

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