Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Fashion Item: The Wedding Dress

Two years before getting married I put together a list of things I wanted from my dress. Simplicity, elegance and timelessness. A dress that after twenty years I would like to wear and my children would be proud I wore for my wedding.

After trying on many already made dresses, I decided to design my own, because it was going to be one dress, one wedding. I still love my wedding dress. I adore it! It is also the most expensive fashion item I've ever owed. I wish I have a picture which makes the dress justice.

30th July 2005June 2010
After five years - 1 month, I could still fit the dress but the loose parts were filled in, WOW!

I still have it and hope it becomes a family heirloom. I LOVE my wedding dress.

How about you? Do you still love your wedding dress? Why did you choose it? (We would like to see your wedding dress, please post a link to the dress :). Do you hope it becomes a family heirloom? Do you know which type of dress you would like to wear for your wedding?

Please ladies, confess about your wedding dress :).


Faith said...

i absolutely loved my wedding dress! i think i will still love it in 20 years! i wish i could fit in mine and i was married only a year and a half ago! i'm working on it!

Mrs Pancakes said...

Oooh I love how full your dress was!! Three words that described my dress: classic, elegant,hint of sexy (ok so five words)I was in love with my dress even before we met. I knew what i was looking for and as soon as we met, it was a match made in wedding dress heaven!! I hope I can still fit into it, it's only been three months:-) I can't see my daughter wearing it but I'm keeping it for sentimental reasons and if she chooses to wear it, yaaah! Here for you to see:

Monique said...

Your wedding dress is beautiful and you look amazing in it. it was just perfect and fit so well.

my wedding dress is at my mom's house you'll see wedding pics soon I have to get the digital negatives from the photographers.

Mama.Mommy.Mom. said...

I loved my dress. 12 years later, I still do! I don't want my daughter to feel any obligation to wear it, but it would be so special if she did!

Thanks for linking up at Wonder Wednesday!