Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Beauty: The Favourite Nail Polish

I have more than one nail polishes, but there is ONLY one that I am proud to have in my beauty bag. The colour is bold and goes well with many outfits. But most importantly, it lasts even after a week of washing dishes old school.

Which nail polish can be this good? You may ask.

Here is the lucky thing...

This is my favourite nail polish. I got it for free with when I purchsed two bottles of coca cola. In Europe sometimes you get the chance of getting free items with a purchase of a magazine and this time I got the best nail varnish with the purchase of two bottles of coke.

Nail Inc London and retail price is £11.00, but I was lucky to get it for £2.50 with two bottles of coke. I don’t want to rub in.

I still have it and works fine even after a year and still happy about it.

I am sure there are other good nail polishes out there which I don't know about. So, ladies do you have a favourite nail polish?


Mrs. Pancakes said...

That is a nice colour. I use OPI which is a little pricey but it works really well. I wish the U.S had the free items with a magazine purchase. Would probably make me buy more magazines:-)

Optimistic Mom said...

That is a nice color. And by the way, washing dishes by hand I still know a few things about that! Yes, nail polish needs to be able to withstand the Dawn dish detergent. lol
I use a lot of Sally Hansen nail products. I like OPI also, just depends on the budget I am working with and the color I want.

Monique said...

As far as nail polish goes, I really like OPI. It's a popular one but it really does stay on quite a long time.

Faith said...

love that color!! i am still searching for the perfect nail polish! everything i have bought has chipped way too quickly ... but i have to admit that the polish from Forever 21 isn't too bad ... longest nail polish has stayed on my nails.

Nali said...

Ooo, that's a really pretty color! I'm obsessed with nail polish. My favorite polish has to be Chanel's Nouvelle Vague.

xoxo, Nali

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to follow you back :)