Monday, January 17, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: Accepting Who You Are

There are people who push other people down. They never accept a person if this person doesn't change into their ideal person.

But there are other people who accept you for who you are. Who welcome your imperfections and adore you for what you say. They might correct you in what you do, but will never turn their back on you when you fail.

Those are the people who can inspire and encourge you to become a better person without feeling like someone is oppressing you.

Hope in our new matured age we can inspire other people by accepting them for who they are.


Faith said...

what a beautiful post! i couldn't agree more!

Miss Pancakes said...

It really does take a special person to love you unconditionally! I am inspired to love like that myself and hope it comes back to me many times over!