Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Fashion Item: The Lace Dress

Although I like lace lingerie, I am not a lace dresses fan. However, when I saw the following dresses online I couldn't resist admiring the lace Marchesa dress worn by Lauren Conrad... ...and the way Taylor Swift worn the lace Reiss dress.

I know lace dresses are romantic and can be in your wardrobe for a life time, but wearing lace is not my style. Seeing these two lace dresses have made me want to try on one. I would to know if I can become more romantic by wearing a lace dress. Hopefully I will wear one for this Valentine's day. If I do I will definitely confess on TC30s ;)!

Questions of the day:

1. Do you like lace dresses?
2. How do you feel when you wear a lace item?

3. What are you going to wear this Valentine's day?

Let's confess on TC30s.


Miss Pancakes said...

Not sure if i am wearing lace for V-Day but i do love the Marchesa lace dress...that is GORGEOUS but of course i am not sure if i can afford it but i can look and admire! Lovely choices..i don't know if i have ever worn lace dress.

Lindsay said...

My wedding dress was lace, and I thought it was really romantic and timeless. I went wedding dress shopping with zero intention of ending up with a lace dress, but it just called out to me :)