Friday, August 19, 2011

Fitness, Food & Fun Friday:Work Out in Something Fun!

We all know as we get older, working out becomes a little difficult. The kids are pulling you this way and that way. The husband is wanting your attention. Work is driving you crazy. Your mother keeps calling.

And one way to find some fun quality time for yourself is through working out! And why not look good while you are working out?!

Some of us may go straight for the t-shirts, jogging pants and sneakers! The comfortable mom work-outfit!

From Tuesday, Naomi of Miso Glamorous, reminded us when "you look good, you feel good" and that can definitely translate into our work-outfits. Clothes in general can make you feel good and honestly gym clothes can do the same thing!

We are not talking about inappropriate outfits like this:

Or this:

But comfortable, stylish and fun outfits like this:

Speaking from experience, when i wear clothes that fit and are comfortable, i get an awesome workout.

Most work-outfits that are dri-fit are awesome because sweat tends to not stick. They are also uber comfortably. There is nothing worse than working out and feeling itchy in the process.

TC30s recommends you have your basic work-outfits:

1) a well fitted and supported sports bra.

2) comfortable pants

3) well fitted tank top (or shirt)

4) long sleeve shirt (or hoodie)

5) comfortable socks

6) well fitted running shoes

7) water bottle

There is nothing wrong with t-shirts and jogging pants but try this week ladies

and work out in something fun and comfortable

and you will notice a difference!

Confess ladies, what are some of your favorite go-to work-outfits?


Kandi-STYLE said...

I get motivated to get dressed when I'm wearing a cute *not inappropriate* outfit; and that makes me want to go get my workout in!!!

Lovefitnesslaugh said...

I got some work-outfits recently that has motivated me to work even harder...great choices above!

Athletes4life said...

I agree with dri-fit way to workout!

Optimistic Mom said...

I work out in fit stretchy shorts and sports bra and sports tank top. I have found when I wear something cute and comfortable I do work out better. It is like you can see your work paying off. If you wear bulky stuff you can't see those muscles working.

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

I agree. Looking good makes you feel good. I like having cute workout attire. In some small way it helps lessen the torture.

toi said...

Great choices. I do agree looking at your best while working out boosts the confidence.

I am going to buy new prenatal classes outfits and I will share it on TC30s once I have them :).

TC30s said...

@Optimistic Mom and Brandi--glad you both agree with that statement because it is so true! It does lessen the workout torture and you get to show off all your hard work ie: muscles

@Tio...can't wait to see your prenatal outfits!

Posh said...

Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello.
Have a great day!

Faith said...

i agree, when i wear a cute workout outfit i feel a lot better while i'm working out ... when i have to wear a plain tshirt, pant outfit because i have to do laundry or something, i def. feel the difference.

also helps to work out with the hubby ... you always want to look good while working out if you are doing it with the hubs.

Editor said...

@Faith, i couldn't agree with you more on looking good when working with the hubs!

Megan said...

So smart!! It definitely makes me feel better when I'm looking decent, versus looking like I just rolled out of bed to workout.

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I agree. Comfortable but stylish-not the frumpy mom look or the boobs hanging out look!