Saturday, October 1, 2011

Celebrating Our 30s!: Miesha

There are some bloggers that you meet and right away you are fascinated by their story.  
Miesha is one of those bloggers.  
Her story is incredible and we are honored to share her with TC30 readers! 
Miesha is truly an inspiration in the blogging world for many reasons.  
First reason, she is that she is DETERMINED, second reason, she is MOTIVATED
third reason, she is 30 and fourth reason, she is FABULOUS!
We give these reasons (and there are many more) not because she's lost over 100lbs 
(with exercise and proper eating), 
but because she has transformed her life inside and out.  
she chronicles her story of weight-loss, healthy living and her life as a mother to two beautiful girls.  
She inspires us and we hope she inspires you too!
Below she writes a letter to her 20-something self because in her 30s, she is realizing that life is filled with ups and downs, but there is definitely a lot of joy in the adventure!  
Enjoy her but most importantly, be inspired by her!

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A letter to my 20-something self:

Dear Miesha Roshawn,
You may not understand the purpose of this letter right now but I hope one day you will appreciate this advise. There are so many things I'd like to tell you, but I acknowledge only a few of these things will matter in the end. First of all, there is no man walking this earth that will love you in the way that God loves you. Besides that, all others are secondary factors. The love that you show him will be reflected in the way that you treat and love yourself. Actions should always speak louder than words and when a person shows you who they are..PAY ATTENTION!
Never allow anyone else to dictate or control your life. As an adult you are capable of making your own decisions. You may not always make the right choices but they key is learning from your mistakes and moving forward. A person that says they love you does not abuse you, whether that be mental or physical abuse. A person that says they love you does not take from you either. At the first signs of abusive behavior hit the road and never look back. The backlash of abuse can been felt for many years in ways that you'll never imagine.
It is okay to seek help when you feel like you are battling something that you no longer have control over. You are not a failure because you are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. It is not healthy to try to live up to others' expectations for your life. Your family history does not have to set the precedence for your life. Watching your mother get abused doesn't mean that you have to be abused. Choose a better path for yourself. Surround yourself with positive, nurturing people that only have your best interest at heart.
Always take good care of yourself. Keep your weight in check and learn how to eat right. Obesity is a disease that is claiming the lives of so many people. Generally this is something that can be prevented. There is nothing better than taking care of and loving yourself. Others might call it "vain" but who cares, you only get one body to live in so please treat it right. Pick and choose wisely the people that you have intimate relationships with. Diseases are real and condoms will never go out of style. Also be very careful with whom you choose to have children with. Although kids are a blessing, everyone is not special enough to hold the title of "parent." Ideally wait until you are married to have kids, in this day in age it's not the normal thing to do but hold your ground and stick to what you believe in.
There will be many bumps in the road and you have what it takes to be successful at conquering them. You are smart and beautiful and worth so much more than what you've settled for. You can and will pull yourself up when you fall down and make all of your dreams become a reality. Use your God given talents, they bring so many people joy. Last but not least never give up on yourself!

Love Always, Me


We should all be so honest with ourselves.  
Thank you, Miesha for being so vulnerable with us.
We definitely appreciate you, your determination and motivation for life...
And continue to inspire others like you've inspired us today!

Ladies, rush to check her out at Mi-Inspire....healthy lifestyle transformation and be totally INSPIRED today! 

Now it's your turn, if you could share something with your 20-something self, 
what would it be?


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh Miehsa...what an inspiring letter and the advice your have to yourself...i could have give to my younger self! thank you for sharing!

Lovefitnesslaugh said...

It's s important to forgive ourselves and just to be vulnerable to what we have experienced in our younger self! i am stil forgiving myself for not making good decisions about eating...but it's never too late!

toi said...

Beautiful and power letter, so inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us :).