Monday, November 7, 2011

Be Inspired Monday: Mental Fortitude!

Recently i have decided to run a half-marathon..i might be crazy and insane because the last time i ran a 10K was over four years ago.  However recently i started running again and i am committed to challenging my body to do something that it has never done before. 
 I think of TOI and what her body is prepping to go through with child labour and i am in awe of all the amazing things our bodies are capable of.  Child labour i know has NOTHING on running a half-marathon but what i believe are similar is the mental fortitude we need to go through these situations.

A lot of women take classes to prepare themselves mentally to deal with the pain that comes with labour and truth be told, running needs the same kind of mental preparedness.  Whether it's through music, a quote and or Bible verse...whatever method you has to do with what you are thinking to remain strong.  Mental Fortitude.

This Be Inspired Monday, we want to challenge you to maintain your mental fortitude in all you do, whether it's training for a half-marathon and or prepping for child labour!

Practice mental fortitude...Be Inspired!

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(excuse where the quote came from...vulgar website but awesome quote!)


Becca said...

New follower from blog hop... Would love a follow back if interested!

toi said...

beautiful post. in most of my prenatal classes we compare labour to a marathon that's why we have to be prepare our minds and bodies to be stronger as we can possibly be