Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Fashion Items: Christmas Day Fashion

What are you wearing this Christmas Day? 
Red or white or green or hint of sparkle?

Or perhaps a combination of all four?
Confess ladies...what are you wearing on Christmas Day?


Faith said...

ahhh, so pretty! i'll love the red or green one :)

i have no idea what i am wearing yet ... i just hope it's cute, hehe :)

kita said...

I usually try to dress the family in matching colors and we keep it casual. This year the color is black and cream. I love all the dresses and omg the shoes...enough said

Optimistic Mom said...

Wow! Everything is cute! I won't be wearing anything that nice. I'll be pretty low key. ;)

toi said...

lovely pieces but i need something good for breastfeeding, LOL.

Editor said...

@Toi...definitely something that works for you would be ideal this season. So excited for you!