Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Inspired Monday: Be Positive

Hello my lovely TC30s.
I am back after three months 'maternity' leave from this blog. I must say it was nice to focus on my personal blog but I am happy to be back to contribute to TC30s.
Hope your year is moving forward brightly as mine is.

To inspire today for another great week, I would like to remind all of us to think, do and be positive.
Source: via TOI on Pinterest

We all know that sometimes life can throw loads at us but we should try to stay positive because God will never stay aside and let us carry a burden we cannot handle. So my TC30s let us be positive in front of adversities and view the glass always half full.

Be Inspired Monday 

xoxo, TOI.


Faith said...

welcome back!

and it is so true ... being positive brings so many good things. hope to always remember that my glass is half full.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

glad to have you back with such a positive message....can't wait for you to share all your new ideas!