Monday, April 2, 2012

Be Inspired Monday: Spring Cleaning

It's the 2nd day of April and we hope you are motivated this Monday to do some Spring Cleaning.
There are so many ways in which we can Spring Clean...
our personal and physical lives.
Which part of your life will you be cleaning this Spring?
Think about it and be inspired this monday to do some cleaning this spring!

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Confess Ladies, 
which part of your lives do you need to spend some time cleaning this Spring?


Mrs. Pancakes said...

i definitely need to clean out my closet!!

Chelsea said...

I love this! I hadn't really thought too much about spring cleaning. And that isn't great. Haha. But, I think I really need to focus on de-cluttering. Not just my apartment, but also my life. There is a lot of unnecessary stuff!

toi said...

I guess I am doing so little spring cleaning because i have a box of some of my old clothes to give away and others to turn into something new.

thanks for this post.