Friday, August 26, 2011

Fitness, Food & Fun Friday: Fruits and Veggies!

Most of us probably do not have enough daily intake of our fruits and veggies. 

As a result, the Editors of TC30s wanted to have a little fun this Friday and introduce you to some popular fruits and veggies that may be enjoyable. 


Confess ladies, what are some of your favorite fruits and veggies! 
And what are some of the fruits and veggies you have never tried?

P.S:  There are some disturbing weather reports in and around the East coast, 
        so please be safe out there this weekend!


Cassy said...

I never tied spinach yet.
My favorite veggie is ampalaya.

Cass from How To Strum A Guitar

Mrs Pancakes said...

Ooh Cassy you are missing out, spinach is soo good! I could eat watermelons and avocados for days!!! I don't like blueberries although they are good for you!

Mare said...

hi, new follower! eating healthy is important!

Faith said...

my favorite fruits are: strawberries, grapes, cantaloupes, plums, pineapples and peaches.

my favorite veggies are: broccoli, tomato, spinach, potatoes, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, onions and mushrooms.

my mom is a health freak so i pretty much tried every fruit and veggie possible ... so i know what i do and don't like because of it, haha.

Monique said...

asparagus and summer squash are my absolute fave. i try as many fruits as possible at least once

babm8krs said...

My favorite veggie is romaine lettuce, but only because I LOOOVVVEEE salads. I could seriously live off salads. I love all the stuff that goes in the salad too...radishes, carrots, tomatoes. For fruit, my favorite is the strawberry. I must confess I have never eaten a raspberry or a blackberry. I have tried mango, but not a huge fan. New follower here from the Weekend Wind Down.